Pieces from “makan”

Issue 1 themed “makan” is out! You can read all the pieces online here:

Twice-dressed Tofu | 回卤干 by Liu Chengpei, Elm’20 (Chinese)
Wu Wei | 无味 by Keith Yap, Saga’20 (Chinese)
Kruidnoten by Sanna McGregor, Cendana Dean’s Fellow (Dutch)
Dinner | Dîner by Shi Tingsheng, Saga’20 (French)
Onigiri | おにぎり by Yuki Nakamura, Cendana’20 (Japanese)
Army Stew |부대찌개 by Jonas Yun Do Ung, Saga’18 (Korean)
Surely I Will Return in Search of Sustenance | Pasti Ku Pulang Mencari Hidangan | ڤستي كو ڤولڠ منچاري هيدڠن by Herman Lim, Saga’18 (Malay)
Sarmale by Iulia Iordache-Bryant, Saga Dean’s Fellow (Romanian)
Poems from Siberia | Поэзия из Сибири by Anna Evtushenko, Cendana’17 (Russian)
The Bridge | El Puente by Claire Krummenacher, Saga’20 (Spanish)
An Adventure Through the Pallets – The Cafe Culture in Spain | Una Aventura por la Papila del Gusto – La Cultura del Café en España by Hoa Nguyen, Cendana’17 (Spanish)
Forging Bonds Over Food | Forjando Lazos de Amistad con La Comida by Jon Tan, Cendana’17 (Spanish)
The Culture of Food in Barcelona | La cultura de la comida en Barcelona by Shanice Nicole Stanislaus, Cendana’17 (Spanish)
Stay Hungry, You Fool, and Go Eat Mooncake! | Đói thì ăn bánh trung thu thôi ngốc ạ! by Trang Nguyen, Elm’18 (Vietnamese)

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