Pieces from “dual”

Issue 2 themed “dual” is out! You can read all the pieces online here:

深圳:粤语与普通话的碰撞与磨合 | Shenzhen: The Collision and Mergence of Cantonese and Mandarin by Li Yuyunting, Cendana ’20 (Chinese)
एक बहुमूल्य एहसास | A Valuable Realization by Shikhar Agarwal, Cendana ’20 (Hindi)
Untitled by Silvia Lara, Elm ’18 (Italian)
大学というもの | The University by Chan Li Ting, Cendana ’17 (Japanese)
Сингапурды жақсы көрейін бе, көрмейін бе? | To like or not to like Singapore? by Sultan Aitzhan, Saga ’20 (Kazakh)
엘리베이터 | An Elevator by Jonas Do Ung Yun, Saga ’18 (Korean)
Поэзия из Сибири | Poems from Siberia by Anna Evtushenko, Cendana ’17 (Russian)
Dos caras de Chile | Two Faces of Chile by Jason Carlo Carranceja, Saga ’18 (Spanish)
Tres citas con Javier | Three dates with Javier by Meredith Jett, Cendana ’18 (Spanish)
El Puesto | The Post by Margaret Schumann, Saga ’17 (Spanish)
மனித ஜோடிகள் | Human Couples by Harini Vee, Saga ’18 (Tamil)
ఇద్దరూ ఇద్దరే | Iddaru Iddare | Pod Peas, Two by Pramodini Parayitam, Writers’ Centre (Telugu)
Teochew Whispers by Carissa Foo, Writers’ Centre (Teochew)

Thanks for your support and consider submitting to the next issue!


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